Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training consists of two courses:

Fire Safety Awareness - 2 hours

The purpose of this training session is to raise awareness of the causes of fire in the workplace and how fire can be prevented. The training also includes what to do in the event of fire and employees fire safety responsibilities. The training is suitable for those covering fire safety for the first time and is equally appropriate for use as a refresher course.


  • Causes of fire at work
  • Fire and the fire triangle
  • Fire Prevention
  • What to do in the event of fire
  • Your fire safety responsibilities

This course is for everyone who needs to understand their responsibilities for preventing fires in the workplace.

Fire Warden - 2 hours

This course aims to provide staff with responsibilities for fire safety/evacuation with the knowledge and skills and attitude required to discharge Fire Safety responsibility in an effective and organised manner.


  • Legislation
  • Properties of fire
  • Human behaviour in a fire situation
  • The role and responsibilities of the Fire Warden
  • Basic principles of Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire evacuation methods
  • Fire drills and pre-planning of what to do in an emergency

All employees will benefit from the training, particularly new supervisors or managers. It is particularly useful to those employees and managers with a fire safety designated responsibility or ones who have responsibility for writing and reviewing Fire Risk Assessments or writing up fire safety evacuation procedures.

Delegates must have completed the Fire Safety Awareness course before attending this course.

Fire Safety Awareness/ Fire Warden - 1/2 day course

The above courses are most commonly run together as a half day course