Oil and gas


Oil and gas support vessel

Shetland has a long history with the oil and gas industry and over the years, staff at Shetland UHI have actively engaged with and supplied Services to the industry. Pipelines, tanker vessels, and offshore supply vessels play a crucial role in delivering and exporting your product.

Determining the optimum route for laying a pipeline is equally important in order to minimise any potential interaction effect with marine species, habitats, fishers and other marine users, and local communities. Shetland UHI work with industry to identify and minimise such interactions and can provide a number of Services that will help your project. Our Marine Spatial Planning Team have carried out fisher surveys for interaction analysis and we have collated habitat information which we can utilise within our Marine Surveys for directed drop down video surveys or for habitat modelling and mapping.

Our staff are experienced in processing and analysing vessel tracking data (AIS, VMS, and iVMS) and can provide options for capturing vessel activity. The information can be utilised in interaction analysis, spatial distribution of tanker anchorages, analysis of increased vessel activity, and Biosecurity.

Services which we can provide include:

  • Pipe Corridor Routing
  • Fisher Surveys
  • Habitat Surveys
  • Interaction Analysis
  • Mapping
  • Vessel Monitoring and Analysis