Data Analysis


Map of fishing areas around Shetland

Shetland UHI has proven expertise in handling and analysing large, and complex, data sets. Our in-house expertise includes statistical analysis, using both parametric and non-parametric techniques, of spatial- and time-series data sets, species abundance information, and Fisheries and Aquaculture data sets. We have in-depth working knowledge of data sources and data sets that are available for any commercial project and understand the limitations of each data set.

Our trained Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals can process, analyse, and map information for your marine project. GIS expertise at the Scalloway Campus is wide ranging across all our Services ranging from locational mapping (e.g. Marine Spatial Planning) to more complex mapping utilising interpolations and 3D visualisations (for example, bathymetry, vessel tracking, sediment depth, and LiDAR information).

We process, analyse, and store vessel tracking data (AIS) for the waters around Shetland and are able to apply these techniques to vessel tracking data from other regions. We also process, analyse, and interpret inshore VMS (iVMS) data, which provides information on fishing activity to local fisheries managers.

We provide mapping expertise and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Esri ArcGIS
  • qGIS
  • Managing Shared Seas
  • Processing and Analysis