Knitting Skills: Machines and Making

What is special about this course?

Come and spend two weeks learning the basics of the domestic knitting machine, learn to knit stitch patterns with confidence and then how to interpret these stitch patterns for your final project making your knitted hat or child’s jumper as per the instructions provided. In parallel to this practical course, you will follow three lectures on the evolution of the knitted jumper, a short history of knit machines & manufacture and knitwear in fashion.

Entry requirements

All ages welcome, no entry requirements needed.

In the first week the practical course is split up into four workshops. Workshop 1 will introduce you to the basics of the knit machine and take you through knitting plain and stripped samples. Workshop 2 will cover a series of textured knit techniques that produce lace, rib and tuck effects. Workshop 3 will introduce you to jacquard knitting using punch cards. Workshop 4 will teach you the skills needed to start to shape your knitted pieces and link them together to make a product. In this first week you will also receive the three lectures on ‘a short history of knit machines & manufacture’; ‘the evolution of the knitted jumper’; and ‘knitwear in fashion’.

The second week is predominantly self-directed. You will be given a choice whether you would like to knit a hat and scarf or a child’s jumper. Instructions will be given to guide you through making your choice knitted piece however you will be asked to select one or two techniques from the week before and use them in your knitted piece. There will also be a multiple choice/question and answer test on the topics covered in the lectures. Finally, you will be asked to put together an image-based mood board that reflects the design of you knitted piece and any aspects of the lectures that inspired you.


Come with notebook and pens, pencil etc., otherwise all equipment will be provided.

How will I study my course?

  • Full Time

Practical, face -to-face.

How long will my course last?

40 Hour

You will attend the college for 5 days a week for two weeks starting at 10.00am and finishing at 4.00pm each day.

How will I be assessed?

    Practical assessment and portfolio of work.

    • Course assessment is by observation of practical tasks and outcome of final making project
    • Multiple choice/question & answer is the written element in relation to the contextual study lectures

Where can I study my course?

    • Lerwick Campus

Start date

5th December 2022


For the latest information on fees please see our fees policy.

Additional costs

There is a £26 additional cost for consumables.

What can I do on completion of my course?

You will have the basic knit skills to be able to make your own products.


Is there more information available online?

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You can use the above QR code to connect directly to the course details.

"This course will provide you with all the basic knit skills you need to make a hat or jumper."

Dr Sarah Dearlove, Course Tutor

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