Merger Project

Business Case

Effective and Sustainable Tertiary Education, Research and Training in Shetland

Latest update summary:

3rd December updates:

The following document has been added to Governance 

  • Legal Requirement of Models

29th November updates:

The following documents have been uploaded to the following workstreams: 


  • Towards a Curriculum for Shetland

Business Development:

  • Business Development Plan


  • ICT Issues Report


  • Staff and Students Consultation Report 

28th November updates:

The following document has been uploaded to the Estates Workstream. 

  • Asset Management Statement

27th November updates:

The following documents have all been uploaded within the Curriculum section. 

  • Academic Quality Assurance
  • Curriculum Development Plan - Context and Background
  • Curriculum Development Plan 
  • Learning and Teaching Strategy
  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy
  • Review of Teaching and Learning Strategy

The following document has been uploaded within the Research section. 

  • Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy

26th November updates:

The following documents have all been uploaded within the Student Engagement, Marketing and Student Support Services section.

  • Marketing and Communications Issues Report
  • Student Engagement Issues Report
  • Student Support Services Issues Report
  • Support Services Issues Report

 3rd October updates:

  • Updates.  Updates from Project Team meetings and overview of updates from September
  • Workstreams - marketing.  Marketing Plan has been shared.  Comments and feedback welcomed via the feedback form

This section is for anyone, especially staff, students and training service users, who would like to find out more about the project which is exploring whether to merge Shetland College UHI (including Train Shetland) with NAFC Marine Centre UHI.

It’s really important for us to try and keep you as up to date as we can but also to provide communication updates in a lot of different ways.  This is also about giving everyone a chance to have their say – if they want to.  If you have comments, suggestions or queries then please get in touch using our feedback form.

We will be posting updates regularly online:

    • Updates and news bulletins
  • FAQs
    • We’ll answer frequently asked questions and you can also ask questions or make comments using our feedback form
  • The project
    • Information on the project, the work streams and who is on the project team

As well as that we will also have additional communications taking place.  From the start of September 2018 we will have:

Do you have an idea on how we could improve communications with staff and students? Contact us and let us know.