The project


Please view the information on the Full Business Case project, which completed in December 2018, by following this link.

The Tertiary Education, Research and Training (TERT) sector in Shetland includes three main publicly funded bodies, Shetland College UHI, Train Shetland and NAFC Marine Centre UHI.  Considerable efforts have been made in recent years, to determine the future of the TERT sector in Shetland, specifically with regard to governance and financial sustainability.

Phase one of the project concluded successfully in December 2018, when the Council and the Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust both confirmed their intentions to merge the colleges into one single new entity by August 2020.

Project objectives and desired outcomes

The desired outcome of the project is to achieve vesting of a new college by August 2020, which: 

  • Is financially sustainable
  • Incorporates a model of governance and management which is appropriate to local conditions and is fit for purpose
  • Delivers high quality learning and training, whilst maintaining and enhancing quality standards
  • Delivers high quality research services to the benefit of local industry
  • Is responsive to local needs and delivers against the identified strategic targets
  • Is physically located in Shetland
  • Is capable of delivering a clear business development and marketing strategy emphasising engagement and growth.

Project management team structure

Project Board

  • Maggie Sandison, Chief Executive, Shetland Islands Council
  • Neil Grant, Director, SIC Development Services

Project Team

  • Jacqui Clark, Team Manager (Shared)
  • Janice Thomason, Team Manager (Shared)
  • Annie Williamson, Project Support
  • Dilys Evans, HR
  • Paul Wishart, Legal