The project


Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust, whose operating name is NAFC Marine Centre, confirmed at a meeting of their Board on 23 November 2017 that they were committed to the process of planned merger and would assist fully with the development of a business plan for the whole sector.

A Strategic Outline Case (SOC) was presented to Shetland Islands Council on 23 May 2018.  The decision of the Council was :

  • To approve the merger of tertiary education, research and training services as the preferred way forward as identified in the SOC
  • To note the preferred way forward contains two options; namely the ‘Host’ NAFC option and the New College option
  • To delegate authority to the Chief Executive (or her nominee) to take any action and decisions required to develop the Full Business Case for the preferred option, which will be reported to Committees, Board and Council for a decision in October 2018
  • To delegate authority to the Chief Executive (or her nominee) to procure and engage any specialist legal or other services required to develop and finalise the Full Business Case
  • To agree that the delegation of authority granted to the Shetland College Board on 29 June 2016 [Min. Ref. SIC 53/16] to support potential further stages of the Project remains in place until September 2019
  • To delegate authority to the Director of Development (or his nominee), in consultation with the Chair of Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust (SFTCT), to extend the Interim and Joint management arrangements up to the end of the 2018/19 academic term (July 2019).

Project objectives and desired outcomes

The desired outcome of the project is the description of a model for delivery of tertiary education, research and training in Shetland which :

  • is financially sustainable
  • can demonstrate affordability and achievability
  • incorporates a model of governance and management which is appropriate to local conditions and is fit-for-purpose
  • delivers a high quality learning and training experience, maintaining and enhancing current quality standards
  • delivers high quality research services to the benefit of local industry
  • is responsive to local needs and delivers against strategic targets as identified in the Strategic Case
  • is physically located in Shetland
  • consists of a single consistent identity for the tertiary sector in Shetland
  • is capable of delivering a clear business development and marketing strategy emphasising engagement and growth.

Project management team structure

Merger Project, Project Management Team structure