Work streams

Workstream and LeadWorkstream Notes

Business Development

Alice Mathewson

View the Business Development Plan

Undertake a review of existing business through the services above, identifying:

  • Existing customers;
  • Services they buy;
  • Any demand which is not currently met;
  • Services which currently have lower than optimal uptake.

Draft a strategy for business development which articulates:

  • A clear corporate approach for commercialisation;
  • Areas of potential growth;
  • Requirements for change to realise the above.

Provide advice on internal engagement, including:

  • how the business development strategy should be integrated into the merged college structure;
  • how opportunities and feedback are communicated within the organisation;
  • how this can become part of the culture of the merged college.

Provide comments, suggestions and amendments to guide the project management team in finalising the Full Business Case.

The products required from this work package are:

  • Review of existing business;
  • Draft business development strategy.


Mike Devenney

Curriculum Outputs (November 2018) 

Academic Quality Assurance

Curriculum Development Plan - Context and Background

Curriculum Development Plan

Learning and Teaching Strategy

Quality Assurance and Enhancement Policy

Review of Learning and Teaching Strategy

Towards a Curriculum for Shetland

Towards a Curriculum for Shetland

  • Develop costing model for all subject/course areas;
  • Develop trends analysis from historic data on enrolments, applications, attainment, etc.;
  • Cross reference with information on needs and demands (Shetland Employment Survey, Skills Survey, Regional Skills Assessment);
  • Produce proposal for cost-effective joint curriculum;
  • Supplement with information on proposed areas for growth and projected resource requirements for this.

 Learning and Teaching Strategy

  • Review existing Learning and Teaching Strategy;
  • Cross reference with UHI Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy;
  • Develop ‘high level’ Teaching and Learning Strategy for merged college.

 Curriculum Development Planning

  • Articulate priorities for curriculum planning;
  • Aims and objectives of curriculum planning;
  • Mechanisms for planning decisions;
  • Develop Curriculum Development Planning policy.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

  • Update/overhaul existing quality assurance guidelines;
  • Produce ‘high level’ quality assurance and enhancement policies for merged college.

The products required from this work package are:

  • Curriculum Position Paper;
  • Draft Learning and Teaching Strategy;
  • Draft Curriculum Development Planning process;
  • Draft Quality Assurance and Enhancement policies.


Janice Thomason

The Finance Work Package:  

  • Procure due diligence external resource;
  • Update 2017/18 outturn and 2018/19 budget positions;
  • Undertake costing analysis - Shetland College and Train Shetland;
  • Review all costing information for sector;
  • Income review;
  • Review overheads;
  • Create model for projections;
  • Complete status quo projection;
  • Receive taxation advice;
  • First check of finance implications of other workstream outputs;
  • Revisit key workstream outputs;
  • Finalise modelling notes and assumptions;
  • Update other key due diligence information;
  • Due diligence;
  • Final check/review of projections.

The products required from this work package are:

  • Financial Projections for the preferred option;
  • Financial Projections for the status quo option.

Governance & Law

Paul Wishart

Legal Requirement of Models

The Governance Structure Work Package:

  • Consideration and advice on legally competent governance models for the proposed merger of Shetland colleges;
  • Contracting external legal advisors to carry out legal due diligence and provide updated advice on key issues;
  • Where more than one governance model is competent, to clearly identify and assess the benefits and drawbacks of each model; and
  • Where possible, provide a recommendation on the most appropriate governance structure.

When taken together with the outputs from all other Work Packages the output from this Work Package is a model for governance for the merged college which includes:

  • Legally competent governance structure
  • Details of the required membership of the governing body
  • A detailed explanation of the process for change, including legal procedures, timescales and consents in order to move from the current legal position to the final chosen structure.

HR / Staffing

Dilys Evans

Compile detailed organisational charts showing current staffing structures for Shetland College, NAFC Marine Centre

  • Gather existing terms and conditions for Shetland College and Train Shetland staff;
  • Gather existing terms and conditions for NAFC Marine Centre staff;
  • List jobs, main duties, grades, payscales.

 Group jobs into areas of common roles and responsibilities:

  • Identify disparities and/or commonalities in terms and conditions between jobs within each job grouping.
  • Recommendations on how to resolve areas of disparity between similar job roles in new structure;
  • Implications of NRPA.

Identify implications of NRPA.

The products required from this work package are:

  • Detailed understanding of implications of transferring and harmonising staff terms and conditions.


Rory Gillies

View the ICT Issues Report.

Review of issues relating to transfer of ICT services from existing arrangements to merged college, including:

  • Transfer of Train Shetland staff from existing (SIC) network to new (UHI) network;
  • Continuing functionality of CRM and management systems (e.g. Learnsmarter, FIPS);
  • Issues relating to existing corporate services functions;
  • ICT resource requirements for merged college.

The products required from this work package are:

  • Key issues report detailing issues relating to the transfer of ICT services/assets to merged college.


Ian Napier

View the Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy

Assessment of existing research activity undertaken by NAFC Marine Centre and Shetland College. 

Development of draft research strategy including:

  • Opportunities for growth and diversification of research activity;
  • Needs and demands of local and wider economy addressed by research;
  • Linking research and teaching functions;
  • Resource implications for development of research functions.

The products required from this work package are:

  • Draft research strategy.

Student Engagement, Support & Marketing / Communications

Jacqui Clark

Student Engagement, Support & Marketing/Communications Reports (November 2018):


Review of current student support services:

  • Identify gaps in current provision
  • Identify best practice in other areas
  • Develop student support plan for merged college
  • Identify resources required to realise plan

Marketing Strategy

  • View the Marketing Plan
  • Review of marketing requirements for merged college
  • Identify resource requirement for marketing plan



Vision and Culture

Tommy Couttts

View the proposed Vision and Culture - Mission Vision and Values and the proposed Vision and Culture - Aims and Objectives.


Review of previous consultative work on college identity, strengths, weaknesses, vision, etc.

Undertake scoping exercise to determine best fit for strategic direction of merged college

The products required from this work package are:

  • Draft mission, vision, values, aims and objectives for merged college




Chris Gadsby


View the Asset Management Statement

The Estates Work Package covers the following:

Estates summary including strategic objectives for future utilisation and management of estates, and a summary of estates currently utilised by Shetland College, NAFC Marine Centre and Train Shetland.

The Estates Work Package therefore requires:

Development of a summary of estates, including:

  • Name/location of building
  • Brief description, including rooms and available facilities
  • Current purpose/usage
  • Floor area
  • Condition
  • Any issues identified.

The products required from this work package are:

  • Estates Summary 


Staff and Student Consultation Report