Cupcakes Bring in the Cash as Students Fundraise for Children in Need 2018

Students from Shetland College UHI and NAFC Marine Centre UHI got their fundraising hats on last Friday  and raised the fantastic total of £354 for Children in Need.

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Tegan and Lailey selling their cakes in Briggistanes at Shetland College

The student reps organised bake sales at both campuses with the addition of a pyjama day and duckrace sweepstake at Shetland College to help make a difference to the lives of children in need as well as hosting a fun event for the colleges.

Behind much of the baking efforts were HISA representatives Tegan Patterson and Wendy Sinclair. They also had help from friendly staff in the college and family at home as well as fellow students helping to sell cakes.

Tegan said: “Thank you to all staff and students for buying from the bake sale and for your generous donations.  Thanks to everyone who took part in baking, we really enjoyed it and we raised a lot of money for a good cause.”

Students at NAFC with their display of cakes