Get Active this January!

With the onset of New Year resolutions upon us, why not take advantage of the great student discount you can get with Shetland Recreational Trust, and get your fitness levels up in time for the days becoming lighter? Guidance Coordinator Klaudia Grubska shares some hints and tips on how to start and why physical activity is important.

New Year Expectations and Goals

January can be a difficult time for people, the days are still dark and yet there is a new wave of expectations in the air, so we can sometimes find ourselves feeling let down. We don’t understand why some people seem to be having that Instagram perfect January full of New Year’s resolutions and perfectly posed pictures in the gym. 

So let us reassure you that it’s ok to feel that way and there’s nothing wrong with feeling like New Year’s is an anti-climax. January doesn’t necessarily bring any changes other than re-starting the calendar, so let’s give ourselves a break and enjoy the discounted Christmas chocolates.

Having said that, if you are feeling motivated by the New Year and you have goals you want to achieve, why not share them with us? Email and we may share them on social media. If you’re not sure what goals to set, try making small achievable ones that you can tick off the list. Smaller goals are much more satisfying because, simply put, you're more likely to achieve them. Achieving a goal is an immensely motivating experience, and one that will build confidence. Another piece of advice we is to make some of your goals specifically about YOU and your wellbeing. For example, “I will have one day a week free to do whatever I want”.

Can Exercise Really Improve Your Mood?

Did you know exercise can improve your mood? We all know that exercise is good for the body, it reduces the risk of major illnesses such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes and cancer by up to 50%! (NHS 2018). Exercise is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Engaging in exercise regularly can have a whopping positive impact on depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. You will also find that you are likely to sleep better, your memory may improve (great thing for those exams coming up!) and your overall mood and outlook is brighter. Great benefits for incorporating a few hours a week of physical activity! You don’t have to spend all your time in the gym - research shows that modest amounts of exercise can make a difference. Did you know that NHS Shetland are now prescribing nature as a tool for mental health? 

Some Local Options - Indoors and Outdoors!

You can go for a walk, you can ride a bike, you can go and find that swing in the Kergord wood, and you may find that you start to feel better. We also have ParkRun in Shetland, which is great for walkers, runners and those looking to volunteer at a community event.

If you prefer to be indoors, why not get a membership with SRT? They are offering students a discounted membership rate. So for example, if you enjoy swimming, a 1 month SRT Aqua Subscription costs £31.05 per month and the Pay As You Go cost for a swim at Clickimin is £4.30 so if you went swimming 8 or more times a month then you are making a saving.

With February looming over us, why not get inspired about looking after yourself, and know that we are right here to help!


Klaudia is available in C10 on Mondays and Fridays and you can contact her on