We offer the following Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research programmes :

MA Art and Social Practice content

MA Art and Social Practice

MA Art and Social Practice

Artists in the 21st century increasingly find themselves working in participatory settings where skills in creative and social engagement are essential. This programme addresses these changing needs and facilitates a shift in thinking away from conventional ideas about where art practices are located and how work is disseminated.

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MA Creativity, Leadership and Enterprise content

MA Creativity, Leadership and Enterprise

MA Creativity, Leadership and Enterprise

This course is specifically aimed at creative practitioners, arts project managers and innovators wanting to develop leadership and enterprise skills in the arts and cultural industries with a view to furthering their career in the creative economy.

Throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and rural communities world-wide, there are expressive specialists who have completed a first degree in an arts, design or media subject discipline and who choose to work as sole operators or small businesses. For each, the notion of 'place' is central to their creative practice and where they choose to live and work - and where 'place' defines connectivity to a rich history, culture and inspiring landscape. 

This online course allows you to work from the stimulating environment of your own studio, workshop, business or organisation. You will develop research and analytical skills that examine and test new creative content and products; and through pro-active engagement with the professional sector, you will acquire skills to transform original creative concepts and intellectual property into income-generating creative outputs.

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MRes in Creative Practice content

MRes in Creative Practice

MRes in Creative Practice

The Highlands and Islands have been an inspiration for creative makers and thinkers over millennia. The vast natural geophysical and socio, political, historical contexts have driven creativity, cross-disciplinary discourse and a sharing of knowledge through a broad spectrum of art-forms. Advances in digital technology and media have enabled new methodologies of communication across previously challenging geography.

With a network of arts organisations and centres of excellence now established across the Highlands and Islands driving our cultural economy, artists and creative makers now have a platform to engage with other communities of practice. The MRes in Creative Practice is tailored for the creative practitioner working in isolation keen to participate in intellectual exchange and to share their artistic research development and outputs. This programme reaches out to all graduates both in Scotland, the UK and internationally who are keen to advance their practice through research driven, academic enquiry in the stimulating environment of their own studio or personal work base.

Research subjects include contemporary art and design; composition and performance in music; film and digital media; creativity and new directions in art and ecology, archaeology, theatre practice, art history and material culture.

With a network of arts organisations and centres of excellence now established across the Highlands and Islands, artists and creative makers working in rural or urban isolation can engage with other artists and creative makers through the Centre.

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