New coasts & shorelines: Shifting sands in the creative economy content

New coasts & shorelines: Shifting sands in the creative economy

'He tinks – Wirds onlie brakk
Loek waejievs alang biechis
Quhar dae waash up ydieis'

Robert Alan Jamieson

Shoormal was the Centre for Rural Creativity's first conference and took place in Mareel, Shetland, 18-21 September 2019.

Shoormal Conference

In total 134 people attended the 3 day event - 84 registered delegates, 26 guests and 24 students. A varied mixture of academic papers, practical workshops, panel discussions and musical performances were presented.

The conference brought academics, creative practitioners and arts-sector professionals together in Shetland in a convivial and productive atmosphere. As well as raising the profile of CRC, the conference strengthened links with other organisations, for instance through the HIE-sponsored reception, Promote Shetland’s panel discussion, the SIRFA archaeology crossover event and of course through our partnership with Shetland Arts.

As a creative economy research centre based in Shetland, we know how fascinating and fruitful coasts and shorelines can be for creative practitioners, researchers, professionals and arts organisations. The range and quality of proposals and final papers submitted was impressive, and provided a platform for discussion around the following key themes:

Shaping Futures - Day 1

Looking to the future and asking how we get there. Presentations and workshops explored contemporary technology and a long view of the creative economy and how it can be shaped by rural and island contexts.

The Space Between - Day 2

The spaces between land and sea, human and non-human, dispersed communities and island places. Researchers and creative practitioners outlined the potential of in-between spaces and points of contact for intellectual and creative engagement. Programme was followed by music and film that crosses boundaries. 

Heritage and Resilience - Day 3

Heritage-making practices and how they shape resilience in cultural, community and ecological terms. Followed by an evening of performance which included opportunities to  experience some Shetland vernacular and dialect. 

For any further information on the Shoormal conference outcomes please contact Dr Siún Carden.