Shetland Islands Regional Marine Planning Partnership


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The Scottish Government created the National Marine Plan in 2015 which sets out the wider context of marine planning in Scotland. The government have created eleven Scottish Marine Regions which cover sea areas extending out to 12 nautical miles. Each region will create a Regional Marine Plan developed by a Marine Planning Partnership allowing more local ownership and decision making about specific issues within their marine area. In Shetland the Marine Planning Partnership is guided by an advisory group. For more information please see below. 

The public consultation on the Shetland Islands Draft Regional Marine Plan 2019 (SIRMP) was completed in December 2019. To download the draft document click here.

Ministerial Direction

On 22 March 2016, Scottish Ministers gave a Direction to the Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust (operating as the NAFC Marine Centre) and the Shetland Islands Council to prepare a regional marine plan. The Marine Plan will reflect the requirements for regional marine planning under the Marine Scotland Act, and will be used to guide marine development and the assessment of marine licences. The Direction can be viewed here:

Advisory Group

The development of the marine plan for the Shetland Marine region will be guided by an advisory group. The Terms of Reference and membership can be viewed here:

The advisory group regularly meets, with meeting minutes and agendas available for view here:

Statement of Public Participation

Our Statement of Public Participation is available here: Shetland SPP September 2019.

Marine Region State of the Environment Assessment

A Marine Region State of the Environment Assessment for the Shetland Islands has been undertaken to provide a baseline for the development of a regional marine plan. It can be viewed here:

From the State of the Environment Assessment, we have developed an environmental action plan which can be downloaded here:

Marine Scotland

The Marine Scotland website provides information on marine planning, which can be viewed here.

Shetland Islands' Marine Spatial Plan

The development of a regional marine plan will build on the existing marine spatial planning work by the NAFC Marine Centre. The 4th Edition of the Shetland Islands' Marine Spatial Plan has been adopted by the Shetland Islands Council as Supplementary Guidance to their Local Development Plan.

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To contact the marine spatial planning team please email or phone 01595 772 000

The NAFC Marine Centre would like to acknowledge the financial support of Marine Scotland and the Shetland Islands Council in developing regional marine spatial planning in the Shetland Islands.