Schools to Shetland UHI


If you are considering leaving school, why not consider Shetland UHI for your future?

Going to college doesn’t mean limiting yourself. You might be surprised at the huge range of subject areas, and a wide variety of ways to study that we offer. You could consider a full or part time college course, an apprenticeship or cadet programme. Visit Qualifications Explained to find out more about what qualifications you can do.

Shetland UHI is not just for those who want to pursue careers in traditional fields. We have aspiring graphic designers, IT specialists, music producers, engineers and psychologists learning with us – just to name a few! Explore Shetland UHI’s subject areas to find out more about all courses that we offer.

You’ll see that Shetland UHI offers more hands-on learning. This can give you a great opportunity to decide whether a particular job sector or right for you.

Leaving school and progressing to college can be daunting, but there is plenty of support available at Shetland UHI.

Shetland UHI offers a fantastic springboard to your future. With Shetland UHI being both a college and university, you can decide on your own unique learner journey with your own entry and exit points. This means you can leave with a nationally recognised qualification when the time is right for you, to either further study or employment. It also means you can enter second or third year of degree programmes should you wish to continue in education.

You can find out more about leaving school, and all the options open to you on My World of Work.