Opening hours and staffing


We will be open each weekday from 9 to 5.

The library will be staffed part-time, and this will vary across the summer as different staff have leave. You are still very welcome to come in and use the library facilities when there is no one on duty, and students, staff and registered external borrowers can borrow, return and renew items using the Manual Issue sheets at the library desk.

If you need to see a member of staff, please email in advance to find out availability. You can reach us on

Term Time Opening

  • Mon: 09:00 - 20:30
  • Tue: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Wed: 09.00 - 20:30
  • Thu: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Fri: 09.00 - 16:30

Library staff

The library team consists of

  • Alison Kilgour - Senior Librarian 
  • Sandra MacLeod - Library Assistant (mornings)
  • Hazel B Anderson - Library Assistant (afternoons and evenings)

We are here to help and we welcome requests for assistance at any time. We run induction sessions at the beginning of the academic year on all aspects of using the library resources. If you missed out on these sessions, or would like a refresher, please contact the librarian to arrange.

When the library is not staffed, you are still welcome to  use the computers, and to borrow and return books using the self-service system (details below), provided you are a continuing student, a member of staff or have already registered as an external borrower.

We make effort to ensure equal access to our staff and students - even if it is difficult for you to come into college; therefore enquiries, requests and renewals are welcomed by phone or by email. To contact the library telephone directly on 01595 771258, or via reception on 01595 771000, or if you prefer, you can email the library


If the library is open, but no staff are on duty, you may still borrow and return books, and use the computing facilities.

Books can be issued by self-service. Simply enter the details - your student number and your name, together with the library barcode number of the book(s) you want to borrow and the first few words of the title - in the Self-Issue sheet which you will find on the Library desk. The library barcode of the book will normally be found on the front cover, or inside on the first page, on a stick-on label.

Books for return may be left in the Library Book Return book, which is located just outside the library door.