Who can use Shetland College Library?


College and UHI students

As a Shetland College, or the University of the Highlands and Islands, student you are automatically a member of the library. There is no need to register. Your library borrowing number is the same as your student number.

  • All students may have up to 15 items on loan at any one time
  • It may be possible for you to borrow more if required. This is at the discretion of the Librarian please discuss it with us if the need arises.
  • Any UHI students, whether enrolled at Shetland College or at another Academic Partner, can make full use of the facilities, including borrowing books from other UHI libraries using the Inter Site Loan scheme.

If you are travelling outside of Shetland and wish to use the library at another UK University or College, you can register as a SCONUL student before you leave. This will allow you access to the libraries of participating institutions. Full details of the scheme can be found at the Sconul website, where you go to make an application for membership.

Shetland residents

Shetland residents may register as "external borrowers", which allows some restricted borrowing rights. You should present proof of identity when registering and borrowing.

  • Registered, external users may have up to 2 items on loan at any time.
  • Please note that the staff may restrict the lending of certain expensive or hard-to-replace items to college staff and students only.

Students of non-UHI universities and colleges

Students can register under the Sconul Access scheme at their 'home' institution and receive Sconul membership before coming to Shetland. This card allows you access to some of the library facilities. Borrowing rights, etc.vary according to the level and type of course undertaken. Full details can be found at the Sconul website.

Overdue items, non-return, loss and damage

We do not charge fines for overdue items, and simply ask that you keep in touch with us if you want to keep any library materials longer than the loan period. It is usually possible to renew a loan, unless another student has placed a hold on the title.

Due to the high cost of academic books, we will seek the replacement cost for non-returned or badly damaged items. In all cases, we prefer to get the book itself back, rather than charge costs. Please do not hesitate to return a long overdue book should it turn up - we will just be delighted to see it back and ready to be borrowed by another student.

  • Items lost or damaged are charged at replacement cost.
  • Please speak to the librarian if you are concerned about an item that has been lost or damaged whilst on loan to you. It is often possible to get an inexpensive, second hand copy as a replacement.
  • Material which is not returned is presumed lost, and you will be charged at replacement cost, plus an administration charge.
  • You may be prevented from attending graduation, or have your certificates withheld if you fail to return library items at the end of your course.