Student voice


Do you want to help make the college a better place for all learners? If the answer is yes then there are various ways that you can get involved.

Your Voice

Students sitting outside Mareel

Cross College Committees

Why not consider being involved with one of our Committees?  You could help make an impact, plus gain some valuable career experience, by becoming a student representative on one of our cross-college committees.

If you would like to be considered for representing students on any of our Cross College Committees in the first instance pop along to D4 or email us.

Existing committees are:

  • The Shetland College UHI Board of Management 
  • The Academic Board committee 
  • The Equalities Committee 
  • The Quality Improvement Committee 
  • The Health and Safety Committee

You could be a Class Rep

A Class Rep is a student who volunteers at the start of each semester to represent the interests of the students to the lecturers in charge of those courses. Class reps are also asked to attend monthly student rep meetings which provide an opportunity for the Student Voice to be heard. Student Representatives gain skills and experience that are valued by employers such as communication, organisation and meeting skills. 

NAFC Marine Centre and Shetland College UHI agreed to unite the student voice, whilst maintaining unique student identities for NAFC and Shetland College. 

If you want to get involved then pop along D4 or email us.

The Highlands and Islands Students' Association

The Highlands and Islands Students’ Association (HISA) represents the interests of all students across the University of the Highlands and Islands and aims to enhance your learning and social experience.  HISA does this by representing your needs on committees at Shetland College UHI and making sure your voice influences decisions on university committees.  HISA also helps to organise social activities for students.

As a student you are entitled to stand for election and vote in HISA elections, be a member of a HISA affiliated club or society and take part in a wide range of activities.

See The Highlands and Islands Students' Association (HISA) site.


To find out more about student engagement and representation in Scotland visit SPARQS - Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland or visit NUS Scotland - the National Union of college and university students'associations.

Your representatives as of Friday 12th October 2018 are:

Shetland Islands Depute: Wendy Sinclair (this position covers both Shetland College and NAFC)

Lerwick Local Officer: Tegan Patterson

NAFC Local Officer: James Mundell 

NAFC and Shetland College have a Local Student Partnership Agreement with HISA which was this year signed by HISA HE Vice President Sorcha Kirker, Chair of NAFC Board of Trustees David Sandison and Chair of Shetland College Board Peter Campbell. To view this see link:

Local Student Partnership Agreement 2018-19

Student Engagement

Remember we want your experience to be the best it can be.  If you have ideas on how we can improve what we are doing then you can use our Talkbox. If you have any ideas on how to enhance your student experience then we would love to hear about them.

Minutes of meetings held in academic year 2018/19.