Student discounts

Many local businesses are kindly providing discounts for students with a valid Shetland College or NAFC student card. Take a look at our Student Discount Leaflet to find out more.

Shetland Recreational Trust Membership Discount

As of October 2018 students can enjoy the opportunity to join the Shetland Recreational Trust's NAFC/Shetland College Corporate Scheme which gives members the chance to purchase a leisure subscription at a discounted rate. The prices are based on a 35% discount on standard subscriptions plus VAT. 

Students are welcome to join at any time and can call along any SRT centre to sign up. 

Payment options

Direct debit 

To sign up to a subscription (using this payment method) students should call along any Shetland Recreational Trust facility with their Proof of Identification - driving licence and bank card best satisfy SRT’s requirements but other options are available. There are a couple of forms to fill in which SRT reception staff will be happy to assist students with and the first payment will be made at this time along with a £30 administration fee.  The following payments will be collected from the student's bank account and the subscription will automatically continue until the student instructs SRT to cancel it. 

Annual lump sum

This method requires payment for 12 months in advance but no ID is required and no administration fee is charged. Students should call along SRT facilities to fill in the required form and make their payment. A reminder will be sent in the post a week or two before the 12 months are up enquiring whether the student wishes to renew.

Please note that SRT do offer one month subscriptions to all customers (see SRT Price Guide).  This can be a big saving depending on how often a student uses the facilities. The more a student uses the facility the bigger the saving and students can purchase a 1 month subscription at any time at all SRT's facilities.  

Useful links: 


If you travel regularly by bus then obtain a top up card from the bus driver and save 20% on adult fares.
Any student in the 16-18 year old age bracket can use their Young Scot card which will give them a third off fares.

Save the Student

Finance, banking, make and save money, shopping discounts plus much more

National Union of Students (NUS)

Buy an NUS card to access discounts on travel, fashion, technology plus more.


Student Fares are available. To book, call Loganair on 0344 800 2855. The Air Discount Scheme (ADS) available to eligible Highlands and Islands residents and Student Fares are eligible for ADS. 


10% student discount, 30% off fares and 20% off on board purchases for islanders.