Leona Grains


Student Leona Grains

Why did you decide to apply for the PDA Education Support Assistant course?

I have always wanted to go back into education to better myself, to use my brain again from having our family, and to have a job which I love. I applied for this course because I wanted better knowledge of how to home school two of my children in lockdown. I wanted to do a better job. I wanted to understand how they develop and different learning strategies to help them.

Can you tell us what you have enjoyed most about studying at Shetland UHI?

I have really enjoyed meeting so many people with such a shared passion towards supporting and helping young children. We’ve been online with most of our course, because of covid, but I have really benefitted from being in the class.

What advice would you give someone who was interested in studying the course?

Go for it. It’s also really great that this course is recognised by the SSSC. It opens so many doors for those wishing to take on a positive role supporting younger people.

How has the course impacted your professional role?

It has allowed me to take different actions and views towards how I can support children better and how another perspective can make a bigger impact on their learning. In regards to legislations and policies, this has given me a far greater understanding on how much improvement and investment Scotland is ploughing into our education system.