Shetland is the perfect place to study courses offered by our Humanities Section. There is a wealth of cultural and natural heritage for you to draw on and be inspired by. Aside from the rich archaeological remains, landscapes and wildlife, the region has a unique dialect and oral tradition. We have excellent videoconferencing facilities and subjects are available in combinations for joint honours degrees. All undergraduate programmes have certificated intermediate exit points (Certificate and Diploma of HE and Ordinary degree). Postgraduate study on taught courses and by research is available, so you can also study up to PhD level.


• BSc (Hons) Archaeology and Environmental Studies
• BSc (Hons) Archaeological Science
• BA (Hons) Archaeology
• BA (Hons History and BA (Hons) Scottish History
• BA (Hons) Literature
• BA (Hons) Culture and Heritage
• BA (Hons) Gaelic Scotland
• BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics
• Mlitt British Studies
• Mlitt Highlands and Islands Culture
• Mlitt Orkney and Shetland Studies
• Mlitt Highlands and Islands Literature
• Mlitt Island Studies
• Mlitt Viking Studies
• MSc Archaeological Practice

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