History of Shetland in 100 Sites (SCQF Level 6) College Certificate

What is special about this course?

The evening classes will look sequentially at the major societal developments from the Mesolithic (hunter gatherer society) to twentieth century conflict (World Wars I and II and the Cold War).No qualifications or previous experience of archaeology is required, but students will need a reasonable level of written English ability to successfully complete the modules’ assignments. The course would suit those with a general interest in Shetland’s past or those wishing to pursue a career in tour guiding or in museums / heritage centres.

Entry requirements

Applicants may be invited to interview.

There are no formal qualifications required.

  1. Shetland before humans and Mesolithic colonization.
  2. Neolithic Farming landscape.
  3. Neolithic funerary and ritual use.
  4. Shetland during the Bronze Age.
  5. Iron Age Shetland.
  6. Shetland as part of the Pictish Periphery.
  7. Viking Shetland.
  8. Medieval / Norse Shetland.
  9. Early Modern Shetland.
  10. Shetland in the era of Global Conflict.


This course would require home broadband access and ICT equipment to support VC participation.

How will I study my course?

  • Part Time
  • Evening
  • Online

10 evening classes taught through the medium of video conference (VC) supported by additional virtual learning environment (VLE) materials. Classes will be tutor led seminars supported by slides with interactive discussion.

How long will my course last?


The course consists of 10 evening classes intended to be delivered by video conference from 25th January 2023, in 10 two-hour sessions from 19:30 to 21:30.

How will I be assessed?

    On completion of this course, the student should have:

    1. A good general knowledge of Shetland’s archaeological monuments.
    2. An understanding of Shetland’s place in European prehistory / history.
    3. An appreciation of the inter-relationship between environmental change, technological development and social evolution.

    Assessment by multiple choice test.

Where can I study my course?


    • £63

    Additional costs

    This course will require a good standard of home broad band access and IT equipment equipped with camera and microphone.

    What can I do on completion of my course?

    The course would support careers in the tourism sector.

    Is there more information available online?

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    "The two modules are a chance to explore Shetlands fabulous history, first come the comfort of your own homes and after Easter, when the rain warms up, out in the glorious Shetland landscape."

    Dr Simon Clarke, Course Tutor

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