Spikin' in Colour Textiles Exhibition

Two students studying BA(Hons) Contemporary Textiles at UHI Shetland will exhibit their work of woven and knitted textiles at the Shetland Textile Museum at the Böd of Gremista. The show is titled “Spikin’ in Colour”, which refers to the artists’ interest in colour as inspired by local landscapes and contemporary patterning.

The exhibition is open to the public on Tuesday 25th April until Saturday 27th May. The Shetland Textile Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 4pm.

Rachel Birse’s inspiration comes from the ever-changing colours of the sky, land and sea. Within her weaving, subtlety of colour is the primary focus of her work, with gradual changes from light to dark capturing the unique luminous light found in the Shetland landscape. The weave structures follow flowing wave shapes, helping the colours to slowly move and change in a poetical way, as one can see when spending time in nature.

Her woven textiles sit alongside sketches done outside, observing colours and movements of the coast.

Rachel commented: “Thank you to the Shetland Textile Museum for this opportunity to display our work. I hope lots of folk can get along to see what we have been creating and working on over the last year.”

Emma Eunson draws inspiration from the colours used in retro fair isle jumpers, experimenting with geometric patterns to create contemporary textured fabrics. Her knitted textiles focus on the combination of pattern, texture and colour. Using both the v-bed and domestic machines, she uses a combination of techniques to explore how colour and texture can work together to reflect the overall character of retro design.

With awareness of sustainability and design’s impact on the environment, the concepts of ‘make do and mend’ and visible mending coincide together to help inform her design thinking.

Emma said: This is my first exhibition as a textile maker. It’s exciting but also daunting too. We’re very grateful for all the support we have had so far. I hope everyone enjoys the exhibition.”