UHI Shetland Apprentice Named Scottish Apprentice of the Year

A huge congratulations to UHI Shetland Apprentice Julie-Ann Murray who won Scottish Apprentice of the Year 2023 last week!

Julie-Ann earned the honour at the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards ceremony on Wednesday night – while also winning the Modern Apprentice SCQF level five category.

The 21-year-old is already trusted to run the farm she works on, tending to a flock of up to 1,000 sheep and working round-the-clock during lambing season.

And this even meant her employer could to take their first holiday in five years.

Her jobs on the farm also include repairing fences and driving tractors and quad bikes. She quickly learned the signs of sickness in the animals and how to treat them, saving some from serious illness, and plays a key role working round the clock during lambing season.

UHI Shetland Vocational Training Coordinator Janice Leask said: “Julie-Ann’s confidence has really improved throughout her Modern Apprenticeship and she has gained important life skills.”

Presenting the award, MSP Jamie Hepburn said Ms Murray had shown “exceptional determination, commitment and a real love of her dream job”.

She said her apprenticeship had given her “so much confidence” and confirmed that she wanted to work in agriculture.