UHI Shetland plays a significant role in enabling and developing the vibrant aquaculture sector in Shetland.

UHI Shetland is an active partner in the UHI Aquaculture Hub, which brings together aquaculture researchers, educators, consultants, students, and facilities. Working collaboratively at local, national, and international levels we create and support innovation in aquaculture.  Our knowledge exchange provides positive outcomes for the businesses, students, and communities in our region and beyond.

The Shetland community relies on marine based industries and aquaculture contributes more than half of the Shetland seafood economy, which is worth around £400m/year. 

Approximately 25% of Scottish salmon and 80% of Scottish mussels are produced in the Isles and this activity simultaneously promotes economic growth and community prosperity. 

The innovative and successful aquaculture sector is coupled closely with environmental sustainability and each of these areas benefits from the partnerships with UHI Shetland. 

Boat in the water with salmon cages
Mussels on a mussel farm

UHI Shetland also provides a wide range of industry relevant training in Aquaculture and other related areas. We are committed to supporting the aquaculture sector through research, development, training, and consultancies.

In line with relevant training opportunities, UHI Shetland is also home to the Maritime Bridge Simulator which caters to the evolving needs of the
maritime industry. As the only Maritime Bridge Simulator of its type
in the UK with the fish farm simulator training package, we can offer
training to aquaculture, and associated service industries, throughout
the UK and beyond.

Our recent knowledge exchange activities include delivery of innovation projects, outreach and training programs that support sustainability, enterprise, and optimisation of production.

Please contact to see how we can help support your project or innovation ideas.