Goose Barnacle


Scalpellum scalpellum

Goose barnacle scalpellum scalpellum

Scalpellum scalpellum is a type of stalked or goose barnacle found all round the Scottish coast from ten to about 500m in depth. This barnacle species is permanently attached to surfaces through a flexible, muscular stalk called a peduncle (see picture). The peduncle supports the main section of the body called the capitulum. Scalpellum scalpellum is androdioecious, which means the population is comprise of both males and hermaphrodites. The typical specimen is hermaphroditic and the dwarf males can be found attached to the inside of the capitulum (MarLIN).

Data sources:

Specimen details

This barnacle was caught in scallop dredges in about 30m of water and measured 11mm in length.


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