Thickback Sole

Microchirus variegatus content

Microchirus variegatus

Boat: Tranquility LK63

Handed in to the Marine Science and Technology Department by the fisherman, James Shearer on 17/04/2014 (caught on the 16/04/2014).

Fish details
Total length = 16cm
Fork length = 14cm

Thickback sole is a member of the family, Soleidae. They have an oval body shape with a brownish-grey to brownish-red appearance and broad dark cross-bands, ending with visible dark blotches on the dorsal and anal fins. According to Fishbase (, the largest recorded standard length (SL) of a thickback sole is 35 cm. They are more commonly found at a total length (TL) of 14cm. The fish which was handed in was 16cm TL (see photos).

Habitat: benthic on mud or sand bottoms

Distribution: Northeast Atlantic southward from North British Isles to Senegal and the Mediterranean.

Thickback sole

Thickback sole


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