How will I study?


Being a student at Shetland UHI means that you will encounter a range of ways to learn, both off and on campus.

For many of our students, courses will be a blend of timetabled learning and flexible personal study time.

Timetabled Learning

Timetabled learning will comprise of a mixture of both in person classes and online classrooms

In person is when you will attend a physical campus and meet with your peers and lecturer in either a classroom, workshop, studio, salons or specialist training kitchen. Shetland UHI have a range of fantastic equipment and facilities across all the campus sites

Online classrooms is a where your class will meet with your lecturer in an online virtual space. It will be a combination of video, audio and interactive features where you can engage with your fellow students and teaching staff.

A Virtual Learning Environment which is an area that provides accessible online space to communicate, to use discussion boards, complete activities and see what work has been set by the teaching staff. You can also submit work evidence and assignments.

For students who are undertaking specific work-based qualifications, there are specialised VLEs for that and will give you the facility build an e-portfolio.

Video Conferencing is a team based call where you can see and hear both your lecturer and fellow students in real time; a multi-person video conference call. This is a useful facility to undertake online classrooms.

All online tools are easy to use, and you will receive support from the teams at Shetland UHI to make sure you are confident in accessing and using these tools.

Personal learning

Personal learning is learning outside the specific classroom time, that you can choose when suits you and fits around your life and other commitments. Personal learning will be learning that your lecturer sets for you to complete, as well as self-directed study that you choose for yourself. This can include researching, gathering information, group based, completing assignments or project work.