Centre for Sustainable Seafood

Seafood provides sustainable and low-carbon sources of protein to a world that increasingly requires affordable, high-quality, and nutritious food production.

The Centre for Sustainable Seafood aims to advance the understanding of what sustainability means in the context of seafood, in partnership with industry and other key stakeholders.

The Centre provides an independent focus of expertise to support the seafood industry in Scotland, the UK and internationally. The Centre will be driven by the needs of the seafood sector, providing the research and skills needed to address global challenges and keep the seafood sector at the cutting edge of sustainable food production.

The Centre for Sustainable Seafood builds on UHI Shetland’s 30 years of experience in fisheries, marine spatial planning, and aquaculture, and draws from the wider UHI Partnership via the MESE Cluster, bringing a wealth of knowledge, expertise and connections across the seafood sector.


A fishing boat next to the island of foula