The Centre for Sustainable Seafood will draw on strong relationships and collaboration with a range of key stakeholders who work in the marine environment and their communities.

The Centre will utilise the knowledge and expertise of these partners to co-create research, gather data and inform policy that is grounded in real-world knowledge and experience. The Centre will also work with industry and stakeholders to develop new educational courses and tools to encourage a wider interest in the seafood sector and address gaps in skills and knowledge. 

The Aspirations for the Centre include :

  • Producing independent, robust science with integrity
  • Undertaking research to inform seafood policy at national and international levels
  • Providing policy and management advice and expertise in areas relevant to the seafood sector
  • Communicating clearly with the public, learners and industry to set out the facts of sustainability and seafood
  • Identifying gaps in educational provision at all levels and creating content relevant to seafood sustainability
  • Facilitating research to support the seafood sector to meet net zero targets and make the case for seafood as a climate smart and sustainable food source
  • Providing detailed biological data relating to specific species and areas to assist with managing fisheries
  • To be a UK-wide project, with European and International context
  • To be proactive, as opposed to reactive, in the seafood debate


Contact us: centreforsustainableseafood@uhi.ac.uk