Specialist Interest Courses for 2024

New Year New Courses! content

New Year New Courses!

UHI Shetland have a wide range of courses, with many starting in early 2024. If you are considering a change of career, retraining, or even just brushing up on some skills, you will be able to find a course to suit your needs. Read on to get a flavour of some of the exciting courses you can join in 2024...

Sex and the Roman City - Online Seminar 

Tuesday 23rd January 2023 - 7pm-9pm 

This 90-minute lecture explores life in the Roman city, focusing on Pompeii through archaeological remains and literary evidence. The central theme is the nuanced exploration of sex in Roman society, both physically and experientially. The speaker cautions about the significant differences in Roman concepts of sexuality, necessitating a trigger notice for sensitive audiences.

The lecture emphasizes the extreme hierarchy in Roman society, where sexual relationships often involved coercive and controlling behavior, with distinct moral standards for men and women. Same-sex relationships are discussed, highlighting the lack of a single category comparable to modern definitions.

Privacy norms, differing from contemporary ideals, are explored, noting practices like bathing and intimate relations conducted in view of others. Roman attitudes towards reproduction, marriage obligations, and the absence of legal provisions for slave marriages are also touched upon.

Throughout, Dr Simon Clarke will weave a tapestry of cultural norms and societal expectations, offering a glimpse into the complex dynamics of sex and relationships in ancient Rome. The inclusion of a trigger notice underscores the sensitivity of the material, ensuring the audience is prepared for the challenging yet intriguing exploration of Roman history.

Tickets can be purchased now through Eventbrite here.


The Roman City - Online Course

This course will examine the developing character of urbanism in the Roman Empire, from the emergence of the city of Rome itself as a self-governing farming community to being the capital of a world empire. Beyond Rome itself the module will consider the diverse character of cities from bustling commercial ports like Ostia, to obscure provincial civitas capitals such as Venta Silures (Caerwent). How did these communities become established, what was their relationship to the wider society, and what was life like for their citizens?

Students will explore a wide range of individual examples from across the Roman World, but also synthesize recurring themes and patterns to make sense of the whole. 

Weekly subjects include: 

  • Introduction to Roman urbanism; type sites and themes to be explored
  • The city of Rome, from self-governing governing village to multi-ethnic imperial metropolis.
  • Colonies of Rome, towns as instruments of strategic control.
  • The cities of subject communities
  • Pompeii and Herculanium; preservation by sudden catastrophe
  • Housing; Domus and Insula
  • Feeding the beast; the consumer city
  • Commercial activity
  • Civic Amenity; the duties and privileges of city life.
  • Small towns and military vici
  • Necropolis, the quick and the dead
  • Decline and fall of the Roman City

This course starts on Tuesday 6th February 2024, with 12 weekly sessions with two weeks break at Easter.

To register your interest in this course please email: study.shetland@uhi.ac.uk 


History of Shetland in 100 Sites - Online Course

This course will examine the history of Shetland from the most recent Ice Age to the present day, through the material culture of the archipelago, principally the archaeological sites and landscapes. It will be taught by Dr. Simon Clarke, and xlasses will comprise 12 evening classes, delivered online, which will look sequentially at the major societal developments from the Mesolithic (hunter gatherer society) to twentieth century conflict (World Wars I and II and the Cold War). The module could potentially be accessed by students from outside Shetland as long as they have a reasonable home broadband connection. In addition to the evening classes the module will be supported by virtual learning environment materials.

Weekly subjects include: 

  • Introduction to Shetland’s Historic Monuments
  • Shetland before humans and Mesolithic colonization
  • Neolithic Farming landscape
  • Neolithic funerary and ritual use
  • Shetland during the Bronze Age
  • Iron Age Shetland
  • Shetland as part of the Pictish Periphery
  • Viking Shetland
  • Medieval / Norse Shetland
  • Early Modern Shetland
  • Shetland in the era of Global Conflict
  • Conclusion and remediation

This course starts on Thursday 25th January 2024, with 12 weekly sessions with two weeks break at Easter.

To register your interest in this course please email: study.shetland@uhi.ac.uk 


Introduction to Commercial Fishing 

UHI Shetland will be running a three week Seafish Introduction to Commercial Fishing course from 29th January to 16th February 2024 at the Scalloway Campus.

This course is for anyone who wants to start working on a commercial fishing vessel, or has only had very limited experience on a fishing vessel. It will give you a basic knowledge and awareness of different activities that are commonplace aboard commercial fishing vessels, and includes four mandatory one-day courses which are legally required to work on a fishing vessel - sea survival, health and safety, first aid and firefighting. This course can be fully funded by Seafish.

To be eligible for funded training you must:

  • be aged 15 (in the last year at school) or above
  • attend an online selection interview
  • commit to attend all 15 days of the course
  • inform Seafish when you have successfully secured a position on a UK registered vessel.

For more information or to book a place on the course, and for advice on how to apply for funding please contact training.shetland@uhi.ac.uk.