Student Voice Representatives


Following student feedback, your Class Reps are changing…Now known as Student Voice Reps, these roles help students share their views and feedback on any aspect of the student experience - whether it be about learning, teaching, facilities or accommodation for example. 

A Student Voice Representative is a student who volunteers at the start of each semester to represent the interests of the students to the lecturers in charge of those courses. Student Voice Representatives are also asked to attend monthly student rep meetings which provide an opportunity for the student voice to be heard. Student Voice Representatives gain skills and experience that ar valued by employers such as:

  • communication
  • organisation
  • meeting skills. 

Students will get the chance to put themselves forward as a Student Voice Representative in August/September at the start of the new academic year when lecturers/tutors ask for volunteers. 

You can also email to get involved or find out more at: 

Student Voice Reps picture of man and web address.