Estranged students


If you are irreconcilably estranged from both of your biological or adoptive parents, or only living parent, then you would be considered an estranged student.

College or university can be daunting for any student, but if you do not necessarily have common support structures at home to help you, this can add extra presssure.

If you let us know you are estranged and we can offer assistance to support you through your time at university.  This includes providing guidance, emotional support, and a range of other things in between.

If you have any questions about our eligibility criteria for the purposes of admission, please contact directly. In recognition of the fact that each person’s individual experience will be unique and particular to them, we are keen to consider applications on a case-by-case basis. The key criteria for eligibility will always be that an individual’s formal or compulsory schooling was significantly disrupted and/or affected negatively, by their estrangement. This is the type of disadvantage that our ‘estranged student support’ offer is designed to address.

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