The facts about apprenticeships content

The facts about apprenticeships

If you choose to recruit a Modern Apprentice, they will be your employee.

You will be required to pay them a wage appropriate to the industry and level at which they are working. You will also need to allocate them time to learn and practice. In most cases they will attend college – either day or block release.

You can use Modern Apprenticeships to train both new and existing employees.

We will access funding for the trainee. In addition, we arrange an induction onto the programme for each apprentice and their employer, followed by regular review/monitoring visits in the workplace by one of our training co-ordinators.

These visits will initially take place every six weeks. As the trainee progresses through their training, visits will gradually extend to every 10-12 weeks. On each visit our training co-ordinator will meet with the trainee and their supervisor to discuss progress.

Why take on an Apprentice? content

Why take on an Apprentice?

Why take on an Apprentice?

As Modern Apprenticeship training is delivered in your workplace and is flexible, you can ensure that the skills they acquire and practical experience they attain meets your business needs – for now and for the future. Over the long-term, it can be very effective to ‘grow your own’ talent.

Apprentices are young people, with fresh ideas and a new way of looking at things. This is your chance to shape their future in tandem with reaching your business goals.

Financial assistance content

Financial assistance

Financial assistance

The direct costs for training a Modern Apprentice are fully funded, in most instances, by Scottish Government. This funding is accessed by us for each individual trainee at key stages throughout their training.

We pay for their registration and certification fees, college tuition fees, and travel and lodging expenses for attending colleges on the Scottish Mainland.

Other costs such as open-learning packs, video conferencing etc are also met by us.

Additional support towards the cost of travel within Shetland may also be available for employees. This is based on the employee’s circumstances.

I'd like to take on an Apprentice content

I'd like to take on an Apprentice

I'd like to take on an Apprentice

If you are interested in taking on a Modern Apprentice, please do get in touch. We list a selection of Apprenticeships on the site, but we are happy to investigate requests for new training programmes if required.

After our initial meeting to identify your specific needs, we will research the programme delivery options and also support our recruitment process to find a suitable new apprentice.