Maritime Bridge Simulator


The upgraded Maritime Bridge Simulator will cater to the evolving needs of the maritime industry, addressing training standards such as STCW (F), the workboat code, new routes to limited officer certificates of competency, the move away towards paperless bridges and specific requirements of the local industry. By offering tailored training in these areas, UHI Shetland aims to bridge the skill gap and reinforce the capabilities of seafarers, ensuring they are equipped to meet the demands of the sector. 


This equipment will play a pivotal role in facilitating training for entrants and experienced seafarers and staff within the aquaculture industry within a safe and controlled environment. By reducing the need for initial training in challenging and less accessible locations, such as fishing vessels or fish farms, UHI Shetland will significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of maritime training. Furthermore, this initiative aligns with the broader goal of improving the sustainability of key maritime industries by increasing access to specialised training opportunities. 


Currently we offer the following MCA Approved courses on the Marine Bridge Simulator:

  • NAEST Operational
  • Small Ships Navigation
  • Radar course
  • ECDIS 

Under development are a wide range of bespoke safety training, particularly for fish farm operatives, including mooring, installation, towing and harvesting. Other courses under development include fish training relating to fishing procedures, handling acoustic devices, winch operation, control of crane and fishing gear.

As the only Maritime Bridge Simulator of its type in the UK with the fish farm simulator training package, we can offer training to aquaculture, and associated service industries, throughout the UK and beyond.

If you are interested in any of these courses, looking for a bespoke course, or hiring the simulator, please do contact us on to find out more about Marine Bridge Simulator courses.