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Dr. Ian R. Napier

Ian was born and grew up in Shetland. After studying at the University of Aberdeen (BSc Hons Zoology) and the University Marine Biological Station Millport (PhD) he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, before returning to Shetland in 1995 when he joined our staff.

Since then, Ian has fulfilled a number of roles, including the development and delivery of new undergraduate and postgraduate courses in fisheries science. He was closely involved in the development of the Centre's fisheries research programme, carrying out and participating in a wide range of fisheries-related projects. He was also closely involved in establishing Shetland's local shellfish fisheries management system and chaired the Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation during that period.

For most of his time here, Ian has worked closely with the Shetland fishing industry. In addition to carrying out industry-relevant research aimed at addressing specific issues and knowledge gaps he has assisted the industry on numerous information with information, advice and other inputs.

Projects/Specialisms/Professional Interests

Specialisms and Professional Interests:

  • Fisheries management and fisheries policy.
  • Shetland's fishing industry.
  • Shetland’s maritime economy.
  • Marine climate change in Shetland.
  • The history of Shetland's fishing industry.

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