About UHI Shetland


Shetland UHI, founded in August 2021, has brought together three well established Shetland educational institutions: The North Atlantic Fisheries College (NAFC), Shetland College and Train Shetland.

 Shetland UHI offers a ‘one stop shop’ for all of Shetland’s learners: from people accessing learning in our outreach community facilities, to apprentices, cadets, Further Education, Higher Education, Post Graduate students and research. This blend of learners across a wide range of subjects and interests, as well as the incomparable communities of Shetland, and our college bases in Lerwick and Scalloway, is what will make this college unique.

The new college will be a partner of the University of Highlands and Islands, enabling Shetland to benefit from opportunities and resources throughout the UHI network.

Like many remote communities, in Shetland we strive to give high quality learning and choices to learners of all ages and circumstances. As Shetland UHI we can use the experience and resources of the three organisations for the benefit of learners.

Shetland has an important development agenda across its public sector, working to make best use of all resources available to the islands, design, and sustain services so that our economy and communities prosper. Tertiary education opportunities are an important part of this future, and Shetland UHI is a key partner.