Shetland Campus Redevelopment


The Campus Redevelopment Project will transform learning and teaching at UHI Shetland's campuses and learning centres.

The Campus Redevelopment Project

The Shetland Campus Redevelopment Project aims to create modern, high quality learning and training facilities and innovative approaches to digital and distance learning, tailored to the specific needs of Shetland’s communities.

This will involve transforming existing spaces at Shetland UHI’s Lerwick and Scalloway campuses to both increase the attractiveness of the campuses for traditional, on-campus students and, through the integration of new technologies, enable a greater degree of outreach to our more remote learners and island businesses. In addition, a range of mobile facilities and equipment will be established that further enable our outreach capability.

In implementing this proposal, we are aiming to enrich the quality of our educational experience on offer in the Shetland Islands and deliver it directly to our wider community. In doing so, it is hoped that this investment will contribute to improving the age structure of the Island’s population by encouraging retention and inward migration.

The redevelopment will also be required to support education, training and design in fields such as alternative energy technologies, hydrogen energy and wind power, improving our capability to contribute to the realisation of a net-zero carbon economy.

UHI Shetland is playing an important role in a number of the Scottish and UK Governments' Islands Deals projects. You can find out more about these here.


The Campus Redevelopment Proposal

The proposal seeks to secure investment of £2.0 million in order to upgrade and enhance the learning facilities of Shetland UHI and learning centres (as part of the University of the Highlands and Islands) to support the delivery of a modern curriculum that meets the expectations of a 21st century student body and the needs of our local employers, businesses, and communities.

The proposal involves a comprehensive package of investment to undertake the following redevelopments:

  • Revitalise the Student Spaces across the Lerwick and Scalloway campuses to provide attractive areas where students can socialise and engage in collaborative or student-led learning.
  • Upgrade the Learning Spaces throughout the Lerwick and Scalloway campuses to enable the delivery of a range of innovative curricula.
  • Upgrade the Workshop Spaces to support the current and future training needs of local industries.
  • Build upon our Community Spaces to improve access to learning opportunities and facilities beyond the traditional college campus.

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