Performance Indicators


You can view UHI Shetland's Performance Indicators here:

UHI Shetland PIs 2021-22

  • For FE Full Time courses 6.7% improvement on 20/21 completed success – alignment with pre COVID. 11% better success rate than Scottish average. For small colleges success rates ranged from 58.7% to 71.7% - UHI Shetland were at the top end with a rate of 70%.
  • Partial success 12.9% better than 20/21 but higher than UHI and national levels.
  • Withdrawal 12% lower than national and 8 % lower than UHI. This is the lowest withdrawal rate since Academic Year 17/18.
  • For FE Part Time courses, UHI Shetland scored stronger in all areas than other UHI partners, and the national average.
  • Care Experienced students are for focus – 1% lower success rate than previous., and higher partial success than UHI.


Shetland College PIs 2020-21 

These PIs were collected as Shetland College (pre UHI Shetland). Education Scotland have further noted "The recent college merger is having a positive influence on developing and enhancing the curriculum." 

In relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, further Education Scotland feedback included:

  • Most learners describe how teaching staff adjusted their learning and teaching approaches to enable them to continue their studies during COVID-19 campus restrictions. Staff prioritised access to campus facilities for learners requiring to undertake practical tasks and those requiring access to support for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Teaching teams took opportunities to reflect on the impact of the hybrid delivery model to capture and roll-out best practice and made adjustments to programmes based on learner and peer feedback.
  • Almost all learners value the commitment and support of teaching staff. They report that the enthusiasm and responsiveness shown by their teachers encourages them to progress and achieve in their programme of study.
  • From the start of the pandemic, effective arrangements were put in place to assist learners who did not have access to digital resources. Staff worked quickly to provide learners with relevant hardware, software and connectivity to the internet. In some remote areas of Shetland where connectivity is not achievable, learners are able to book digital campus spaces. These arrangements and resources enabled learners to continue to participate in their programme
  • Rates of withdrawal for learners on part-time FE programmes for 2020-21 are low at 4.9% which is one of the lowest in the college sector.
  • Attainment rates for learners on part-time FE programmes are high and have been above sector performance for the last three years, despite the impact of COVID-19. The attainment rates for learners on part-time FE programmes 2020-21 is 83.8%, which is 7.5 percentage points above average national performance levels


Shetland College 2019-20 PIs