Objectives of UHI Shetland content

Objectives of UHI Shetland

The objectives of UHI Shetland are defined in the Articles of Association (pdf) as:

  1. To advance education, and primarily further and higher education (in keeping with the Further & Higher Education Scotland Acts 1992 and 2005) of people within the Shetland Islands (“the Operating Area”) and elsewhere, and the provision of training in skills of all kinds (particularly such skills as will assist the participants in obtaining paid employment) and all industries, including all aspects of the Shetland Fishing Industry, marine and coastal industries;
  2. The advancement of education by fostering links with Scotland, the UK and international learners, researchers and education providers to further the objects of the Shetland UHI to increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding, skills and expertise;
  3. To carry out and promote research relevant to industry, community development, the protection and sustainability of marine and coastal environments, arts, heritage and Shetland UHI culture; and to make evidence available to educate, provide training and promote best practice;
  4. To promote, protect, conserve, rehabilitate and improve the marine and coastal environment, including all animal and plant life, in the Shetland Islands and elsewhere;
  5. To prevent and relieve poverty, and in particular, among residents of the Operating Area and other areas of Scotland, the UK and internationally, by facilitating accessible learning opportunities and imparting skills, and life skills, which enable learners to secure employment and contribute to their community;
  6. To relieve unemployment for the public benefit in such ways as may be thought fit, including assistance to find employment;
  7. To advance citizenship and community development (including through the promotion of trade and commerce), wellbeing, inclusion, citizenship and community development;
  8. To advance the arts, heritage and culture; of all aspects of island and sea-going life;
  9. To promote, establish, operate and/or support other similar schemes and projects which further charitable purposes;
  10. To act as an Academic Partner with UHI as Regional Strategic Body; and
  11. To collaborate with public bodies and other academic partners of UHI, to advance and support services, strategies, plans and projects to meet the needs of the Shetland Islands population and environment.