Transition Board

5 August 2020

Download (pdf) Agenda
Download (pdf) TB2020-01: Review Consultation Report and Agree Response
Download (pdf) TB2020-01a: Consultation Report
Download (pdf) TB2020-01b: Consultation Report Update
Download (pdf) TB2020-02: Agree Financial Year
Download (pdf) TB2020-03: Consider Branding
Download (pdf) TB2020-03a: UHI Academic Partner Logos
Download (pdf) TB2020-03b: UHI Academic Partner Colours
Download (pdf) TB2020-04: Training for the Board & Skills Audit
Download (pdf) TB2020-05: Review Terms of Reference and Consider Standing Items
Download (pdf) TB2020-06: Approve Schedule of Meetings
Download (pdf) Minute of the Meeting