Transition Board

18 November 2020

Download (pdf)   Agenda
Download (pdf) TB2020-21: Review of Shetland UHI Logo and Branding
Download (pdf)  TB2020-22: Search and Nominations Committee - Recommendations for Appointments
Download (pdf) TB2020-23: Update on Joint Working and Structure to Vesting
Download (pdf) TB2020-24: Communications on the Legal Structure of New College
Download (pdf) TB2020-24a: Report - Legal Structure of Shetland UHI
Download (pdf) TB2020-24b: Letter from John Swinney MSP, Cabinet Secretary for
Download (pdf) TB2020-25: SFC Phase 1 Review and UHI Alignment
Download (pdf) TB2020-25a: Report - Coherence and Sustainability: A Review of Scotland’s Colleges and Universities. Phase One Report
Download (pdf) TB2020-25b: Report - Review of Regional Strategic Bodies – University of the Highlands and Islands
Download (pdf) TB2020-26: Shetland’s Colleges Economic Impact Report
Download (pdf) TB2020-26a: Report - NAFC Marine Centre UHI & Shetland College UHI Economic Impact Assessment
Download (pdf) TB2020-27:  Partnership Council Update
Download (pdf) TB2020-27a:  Report - Partnership Council Update
Download (pdf) TB2020-28: Schedule of Transition Board Meetings 2020 - 2021
Download (pdf)   Minute of the Meeting