Transition Board

20 January 2021

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Download (pdf)   Agenda
Download (pdf) TB2021-01 Letter to SFTCT
Download (pdf) TB2021-02 Flexible Apportionment Agreement (LGPS)
Download (pdf) TB2021-03 Refreshed Brand Design
Download (pdf) TB2021-03a Appendix 1 - Brand Design 1
Download (pdf) TB2021-03b Appendix 2 - Brand Design 1
Download (pdf) TB2021-03c Appendix 3 - Brand Design 1
Download (pdf) TB2021-03d Appendix 4 - Original Brand Concept
Download (pdf) TB2021-04 Update from Merger Working Group
--- TB2021-05 Update from Scottish Funding Council (verbal)
Download (pdf) TB2021-06 Update from Partnership Council
Download (pdf) TB2021-07 Risk Register Update
Download (pdf)   Minute of the Meeting