Transition Board

17 March 2021

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Download (pdf)   Agenda
--- --- Update from Finance & General Purpose Committee (verbal)
Download (pdf) TB2021-09 To Approve Code of Conduct and Register of Interests
Download (pdf) TB2021-09a Directors' Code of Conduct (for approval)
Download (pdf) TB2021-09b Declaration of Interest Form (for approval)
Download (pdf) TB2021-05 SFC Engagement and Timeline (verbal)
--- --- Update on Process to Merger (verbal)
Download (pdf) TB2021-11 Update - Merger Working Group
--- --- Update - Alignment Options Appraisal (verbal)
--- --- Update from University Court (verbal)
--- TB2021-12 Update from Partnership Council
Download (pdf) TB2021-13 Strategic Context - Our Ambition
Download (pdf) TB2020-36 Schedule of Meetings
Download (pdf)   Minute of the Meeting