Transition Board

21 July 2021

Download PaperPaper No.Subject
Download (pdf) --- Agenda
--- --- Minutes of Transition Board meeting on 16th June 2021
--- --- Minutes of Transition Board meeting on 28th June 2021 
--- --- Matters arising
--- Verbal Update from Finance Workshop
--- Verbal Update from Learning, Teaching & Research
--- Verbal Update from Human Resources & Remuneration
Confidential TB2021-34 To approve pensions agreements (CONFIDENTIAL)
Confidential TB2021-35 To review due diligence report and approve transfer agreements for SC/TS (CONFIDENTIAL)
Download (pdf) TB2021-36 To approve online banking resolution
Download (pdf)    - Online banking amendments form
Download (pdf)    - Online banking terms & conditions
Download (pdf) TB2021-37 To note final UHI strategy and approve strategy for  Shetland UHI
Download (pdf)    - UHI Strategic Plan 2021-2025
Download (pdf)    - Shetland UHI Strategic Plan 2021-24
Download (pdf) TB2021-38 Update - Merger Working Group
Download (pdf) TB2021-39 Risk Register
Download (pdf) TB2021-40 Colleges Scotland Key Facts (covering paper)
Download (pdf)    - Colleges Scotland Key Facts 2021
Download (pdf) TB2021-40 To note Transition Board schedule for coming year
Download (pdf) --- Minute of the Meeting