Transition Board

16 December 2020

Download (pdf)   Agenda
Download (pdf) TB2020-29 Shetland UHI Brand Design
Download (pdf)  TB2020-29a Appendix 1 - Brand Concept 1
Download (pdf) TB2020-29b Appendix 1 - Brand Concept 2
Download (pdf) TB2020-29c Appendix 1 - Brand Concept 3
Download (pdf) TB2020-30 Search and Nominations Committee - Recommendations for Appointments 
Download (pdf) TB2020-31 Update on Next Steps to Merger
Download (pdf) TB2020-31a Letter - from SFTCT to Shetland UHI
Download (pdf) TB2020-31b Letter - from SFTCT to Shetland UHI appendix
Download (pdf) TB2020-31c Report - 'Learning the Lessons of Public Body Mergers'
Download (pdf) TB2020-32 Colleges Scotland Budget Submission
Download (pdf) TB2020-32a Document - Draft Budget Submission 2021-2/
Download (pdf) TB2020-33 Consultation on Changes to UHI Resource Allocation Model (RAM)
Download (pdf) TB2020-33a Document - Consultation on changes to the University’s Resource Allocation Model
Download (pdf) TB2020-34 Merger Working Group Update 
Download (pdf) TB2020-35 UHI Partnership Council Update
Download (pdf) TB2020-35a Document - UHI Partnership Council Update
Download (pdf) TB2020-36 Schedule of Meetings 2021
Download (pdf)   Minute of the Meeting