Transition Board

21 April 2021

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Download (pdf)   Agenda
Download (pdf) TBSNC2021 Search and Nominations Committee:
Directors' Induction Programme
Download (pdf) TB2020-30 Search and Nominations Committee:
Recommendations for Appointments
Download (pdf) TB2021-14 Update on Steps To Merger
Download (pdf) TB2021-14a Letter from UHI Principal & Vice Chancellor
Download (pdf) TB2021-14b Letter from Scottish Funding Council
Download (pdf) TB2021-14c Letter from Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust
Download (pdf) TB2021-15 Update from Merger Working Group
Download (pdf) TB2021-16 Draft UHI Strategy 2021 - 2025
Download (pdf) TB2021-16a "Daring to be Different" - draft UHI Strategy 2021-25
Download (pdf) TB2021-17 Risk Register
Download (pdf) TB2020-36 Schedule of Meetings
Download (pdf)   Minute of the Meeting